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TransEuroBike - ScandiPortugal - Transportugal

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

On March 31, I’m on a trans-European cycling trip from Trondheim (Norway) to Sagrès (Portugal), no bibs, or almost no... just a personal, sporting and human adventure … It is necessary to do things when one can still, have no regrets, a quest with oneself, enrich oneself with what we see and share it … photos, experience … make everyone want to carry out their project, whoever they are … The trip will start with Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain and finally Portugal, I will take the route of the Scandinavian Road which normally goes to Santiago de Compostela, a Eurovélo route. In the north of Spain, I’ll head to Portugal to join Chavès, where I’ll meet Georges and the other competitors, to take the start of the TransPortugal MTB on May 7, an 8-day event that will take me to the Algarve, the end of my adventure.

The meeting

The cyclist in BikePacking easily arouses the curiosity of the locals, which promotes the encounter. Being at a human level, not locked in a vehicle, allows us to share even more with Aboriginal people. This is really what will make the trip rich, because even a shy traveler will be able to exchange! An environmentally responsible journey

That’s one of the main reasons. I wanted to travel and live an adventure without consuming the energy of the planet using a minimum of transport and motor vehicles. The bike ride gives me this opportunity. A cheap trip

Cycling is very economical. Between the bivouac, the homestay, the camping, the expenses are more limited. The bulk of the budget will indeed be the cyclist’s food and fuel! While the mode of transportation is slow, the budget is also running out more slowly. An infinite freedom

The bike usually carries a little more weight than a backpack. This is what offers the opportunity to take a tarp, a mattress, a good sleeping bag and bivouac, if necessary. By traveling in this way, the present takes over: we ride, we feed and we look for a place to sleep.

Feel Singletrack - Cycling Instructor, Mountain Bike Guide, Bike Coach

De la Norvège au Portugal en empruntant la Scandibérique
Trans Euro Bike Packing










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