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Nordic Walking

As a Nordic walking instructor, I also offer you a discovery and introduction to this healthy sport discipline, sport for all, open to as many people as possible.

where do we practice ...

In Moustiers Sainte Marie, Lake of Sainte Croix and Valensole plateau.

Or Internship Morvan or Côte d'Azur.


Nordic Walking

"Nordic Walking" is an active walk, a health sport in its own right, the principle of which is to propel the body forward using two adapted sticks, which uses a technical gesture.

Nordic Walking is accessible to everyone, even those who have never practiced sport or are in rehabilitation following an injury or illness.

Nordic Walking works 98% of the muscles. It refines, tones the silhouette, maintains and improves autonomy. A universal physical activity to improve and live better in everyday life.

The typical session lasts between 1:00 and 2:00 maximum, 1/4 hour warm-up, the session, and a return to calm with stretching for 1/4 hour.

Motivations reinforced by the pleasure of being in a group to discuss and help each other. Conviviality, a very playful way to work on your abs and to start a complete muscle strengthening without joint pain and without complex.

A practice for all levels, health sport (cardio respiratory re-education, mobility, re-athletics), competition, assembly and concentration.

• A symmetrical sport, which engages the upper and lower body working together,

• Lightening of the supports on the joints of the legs,

• Muscular sheathing of the whole body,

• Effective cardiovascular work.

A technical gesture

The movement is similar to the gesture of a cross-country skier.

looking far ahead.

the bust is straight and sheathed, the shoulders relaxed, the arms almost outstretched.

right arm / left leg and reverse coordination.

shoulder and arm reach back for thrust and propulsion, stick grip tight

the hand opens releasing the handle of the baton at the end of the backward movement

the hand closes to bring back the baton

the stick is planted almost at the height of the foot, the stick will never be planted straight.



The Sticks

We will favor mono brown sticks with detachable gauntlets

The size of the stick is determined according to the size of each.

Taille du baton          Taille du pratiquant

105                           155

110                           160

115                           165/170

120                           175

125                           180/185

Adjustable poles

0.65 x practitioner height

Rates between 30€ and 130€


The shoes

Hiking shoes are to be avoided for Nordic walking, a trail shoe orientation will be preferable, the crampons allowing a good grip, and the flexibility of the shoe, it will allow a good rolling of the foot.



The ideal outfit is similar to that of athletics. You can get hot quickly...

An excellent "all-weather" compromise is made up of three successive layers of clothing:

  • The first layer (against the body) must be in a non-hygroscopic material (not cotton) allowing perspiration to pass to the second layer,

  • The second layer will be adapted to the season (short or long sleeves, light or more insulating fabric like a fleece),

  • The third layer (if any) will depend on the weather; it will constitute protection against the wind and/or protection against the rain ideally “breathable”  

  • A lightweight cap for the weather.


You MUST bring WATER, a snack, the third layer of clothing (wind and/or rain protection), your identity papers, your cell phone, …… .

This can be done in:

  • a small backpack (less than 15 l)

  • or in a "camel-back" (bag containing a pocket of water accessible  via a pipe and a valve to drink if necessary without having to put down your bag). The backpack must be equipped, in addition to the 2 shoulder straps, with an abdominal belt and a chest belt to ensure its stability during movement (rotation of the trunk).



Now you know everything ... or almost, contact me for an initiation support or a discovery of the activity.

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