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Ride a mountain bike to Mount Chiran

Mountain biking is an exciting sport that combines adrenaline and exploring nature. Riding a mountain bike at Mount Chiran offers a unique experience, combining physical challenge and beauty of the landscapes. 

Mount Chiran is a mountain located in the basin 1_Verdon and the Prealps de Digne, in the department of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence.

The mountain is the second summit of the Pre-Alps du Verdon (Montdenier massif) (1905 m) after his neighbor le Mourre de Chanier (1930 m). Chiran is separated from Mourre de Chanier by the Portal of Blieux, pass of 1595m altitude.

The panorama at the top is impressive. In addition to the Préalpes de Digne, the lake of Sainte-Croix, and the valensole plateau, it extends to the whole of Provence (mont Ventoux, massif de la Sainte-Baume, montagne Sainte-Victoire, Luberon), Southern Alps (Écrins massif, Trois-Évêchés massif, Mercantour-Argentera massif), but also the Mediterranean Sea located at 70km from there, the mont Lozère at 210 km, the mont Aigoual to 220 km, the pic Saint-Loup at 230 km, and even the eastern Pyrenees, with the  peak of Canigou, some of whose summits are at 370 km and visible in very clear weather. It offers breathtaking panoramas and remarkable ecological diversity. 

The effort put in to reach the top provides invaluable personal satisfaction. This challenge also allows you to test your limits and strengthen your self-confidence.

FeelSingleTrack, mountain bike guide, cycling guide, offers a two-day trip, departing from the Ferme du Petit Ségriès and spending a night at the summit in a refuge (reservation required) or in a tent and in autonomy, thus offering you an immersive and independent experience. unforgettable.

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