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The Tour of the Verdon by Bike

XXL Adventure

Le Tour du Verdon à Vélo - Canyon - Col d'Iloire.jpg

Cycling guide, cycling instructor, state-certified mountain bike guide, in the Gorges du Verdon regional natural park inMoustiers-Sainte-Marie, we tested, withSylvia, for you a traceLeisure Cycling Provence, association to which we are members, Sylvie and I, Le Tour du Verdon à vélo, a loop of 258 km and 4600m of D+.

We completed the route in three days in the fall and before the onset of winter.

An inauguration of the tour of the Verdon by bike very recently marked out by Vélo Loisir Provence. Our1st step :

Departure from the Ferme du petit Ségriès in Moustiers Sainte Marie - Sainte-Croix lake - Aiguines - Sublime Corniche on the left bank of the Verdon - Trigance- Brenon- Chateauvieux - La Martre-Col de Clavel - Roque d'Esclanpon - Arrival and night in Grand bath hotel in Comps sur Artuby. Grandiose, breathtaking landscapes, a sublime cornice just SUBLIME, extraordinary weather at the end of October, roads deserted of traffic and breathtaking autumn colors with a beautiful ascent of the left bank of the largest canyon in Europe .

Distance: 94km Elevation +: 1900m

2nd step:

Departure from Comps sur Artuby - Montferrat - Chateaudouble - Ampus - Verignon - Bauduen - Baudinard - Moissac Bellevue - Régusse - Montmeyan - Saint Julien le Montagnier - Saint Pierre - Arrival at Gréoux les Bains

We liked the Artuby gorges, the Chateaudouble gorges, the perched villages of the Haut Var, the windmills, the autumn colors again, we walked along the lake between Bauduen and the Sainte-Croix dam, a lunch with view of the lake and the Montdenier ridges, the view of the lower Baudinard gorges.

Distance: 112km Elevation +: 1280m

3rd and last day of our Bike Trip:

Departure from Gréoux les Bains, ascent to Lac d'Esparon, Quinson, Montagnac, Sainte Croix du Verdon and finally Moustiers Sainte Marie with a return to the Ferme du petit Ségriès, 5 km above the village.

With the favors of autumn, exceptional weather for this end of the season. A looped tour of the Verdon allowed us to cross magnificent landscapes and small Provençal villages in their juice which make you want to stop.


Our advices :

Pay particular attention to the period you choose to complete this route, in the low season from October to April, many shops and establishments may be closed, which can cause problems in terms of supplies.

In high season, July / August, beware of high temperatures and traffic, high at this summer time.

The route is very well marked and in both directions. The track is availablehere.


@Bike Leisure Provence

@The Petit Ségriès farm

@Feel SingleTrack

Le Tour du Verdon à Vélo - Canyon rive G
Le Tour du Verdon à Vélo - Canyon rive G
Le Tour du Verdon à Vélo - Chateaudouble
Le Tour du Verdon à Vélo - Lac d'Esparon
Le Tour du Verdon à Vélo - Plateau de Va
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