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Feel sur la Cape Epic 2017

Discover Feel SingleTrack


Supervision  - Initiation - Accompaniment​

- Iindividual​​​

- Group (12 people max.)

- Business, Corporate, Team Building

You are a beginner, initiate yourself and improve your skills ... learn how to move around in urban areas and on the roads.

Group / Companies / Corporate

Share, with your loved ones, your friends or your colleagues, a sporting experience, "we sweat together ...", or leisure relaxation, discovery of mountain biking, discovery of a region through its paths (from 6 to 12 people)

Rando Raid 

You are an intermediate level mountain biker, set yourself a new challenge ... I accompany you to exceed your limits ... 

Feel stands out for its professionalism combining technicality, pedagogy, patience and adaptation.
When you talk to him, you feel this passion for mountain biking that transpires.
I had the opportunity to do the 2022 edition of 5-Lakes-Raid with him and it was a memorable "ride" weekend as he was there to advise us and share his experience and encourage us.
At each outing that Feel organizes, I don't hesitate for a moment, whether in the Morvan, the Verdon or elsewhere.
Over the course of these outings/trainings, the progress and the pleasure of "riding" the technical routes of the Verdon, of borrowing the bikeparks of the Morvan are there. Undeniable.
What a desire when you visualize the outings that Feel posts, is to put on your outfit and put yourself in his footsteps.


A real pleasure to discover the Morvan by mountain bike, for a weekend, accompanied by Feel.
The courses are adapted to the level of the participants. Feel explains, advises and anticipates difficult passages to give us confidence. He motivates, encourages and shares his passion with great generosity.
I will gladly meet you in the Verdon I hope, for a new discovery accompaniment!


Discovery of the Gorges du Verdon and the surroundings of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie by VTTAE.
My 17-year-old son had some apprehension as a beginner, but with a Feel skill guide that adapts to all levels, everything went very well.
Always attentive, attentive and with an adapted pedagogy, Feel always finds the right words to reassure and motivate the troupe in times that can be a little more "complicated".
Positive and smiling, he knows how to make you want to come back. Through his technical explanations and descriptions of the landscapes, we feel a real passion!
Without a doubt, we will end up on a bike!!
And of course, to you who read my review, from beginner to advanced, I recommend it 1000%!
Thanks again Feel SingleTrack.

Joel & Max


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Individual supervision - 1 to 6 people

Initiation, sport and leisure accompaniment discovery or Rando Raid

1 hour

From 40€

1/2 day group - from 6 to 12 people

Initiation, sport and leisure accompaniment discovery or Rando Raid

3 hours

From 150€

Day - from 6 to 12 people


Initiation, sport and leisure support or Rando Raid

6 hours

From 250€

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